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A Dog Named Fenway

It takes a village to raise a child- But it took Red Sox Nation to help raise a Canine Companions for Independence Assistance Dog named Fenway! For the last 5 years, Canine Companions for Independence, a national non-profit that provides highly trained assistance dogs to children and adults with disabilities has slowly warmed their way into the hearts of Red Sox Nation Read More...

A Moment With Lassie

Every year Hollywood rolls out the red carpet to honor their best. It was 70 years ago when Lassie Comes Home was nominated for an Oscar, and though the iconic picture didn’t win the award for Best Cinematography in 1944, she did win hearts for generations to come. We recently caught up with the star. Read More...

Cat Facts

For the ailurophile (cat lover) in you!
1. There are more than 500 million domestic cats in the world.
2. Cats "paw" or "knead" (repeatedly treading on a spot - sometimes its owner) to mark their territory. Read More...

Lucy’s House

Like many in the Vermont/New Hampshire area, and indeed all across the nation, I am not ignorant of the financial difficulties facing many of our neighbors in these troubled economic times. What I will admit to being ignorant to is the consideration of just how far reaching these needs have extended. Read More...

Route Rules (tips for hiking with dogs)

One of my favorite things to do this time of year is hike with my dog. Hiking with your dog not only means that you are responsible for your own actions, but for your dog’s actions as well. This means we must be the epitome of respectful and responsible trail users and prevent actions that could lead to additional trail closures or restrictions for dogs. Read More...

Acupuncture in Animals

The principals behind acupuncture can be a bit abstract and hard to understand, but modern research has proven it works. Acupuncture is used in animals for pain relief, gastro-intestinal issues, anti-inflammatory effects, and behavioral problems to name just a few of the things it can be used for. Read More...

A Dog has Its Day

The outlook was bleak. Jenny’s veterinarian had spotted a large, rapidly growing tumor in her mouth. The vet removed as much of the tumor as possible, but he warned Jenny’s owners, Sam and Sandra Orndorff, that it was likely that some cancer cells remained. Read More...

Starling God

I wrote The Starling God after falling in love with the birds who nested in the eaves of my first house. As the sun rose each summer day, the starlings landed on the tin roof outside my bedroom window and scrambled to stay put – at the same time making incredible sounds. There were warbles and clicks and something that sounded an awful lot like a ringing phone… Read More...