Animals as Gifts
Kate Hoehn

Holidays, Birthdays, and Anniversaries can be a stressful time for those faced with one difficult question: What do I give for a gift? Many choose from a standard list including items as such IPods, cameras, and other electronics, as well as appliances and clothing, but now more than ever, people are opting to give pets, kittens and puppies seeming to be the most popular, as gifts to their loved ones.

Pets can make irreplaceable companions and unbeatable gifts, which I found out first-handedly on three separate occasions. I received Sadie B, a Pomeranian, for Christmas, the year I turned eight years old, and Bailey, a German Shepherd, for my seventeenth birthday. I was also given Cliff (also known as Heath Cliff) as a spontaneous present when the seven week old orange kitten was in need of a good home. Read More…