Morris the Cat, The Untold Story
Alice Larsen

I always loved yellow cats! When I found this cute little ball of yellow fluff, it was love at first sight and I brought him home for my three children to love as well. My husband wasn’t too happy but he soon adjusted to Mr. Puff’s kitty antics, though he was not too pleased when Puff pooped in his nuts and bolts container!

The Labor Day Pet Parade was coming up so we decided to make Mr. Puff a dangerous lion and my husband built a box cage with doubled wires for bars, Dan (9 yrs.) and John (6 yrs.) dressed up as safari hunters and we gaily decorated the family wagon. So with Puff in the cage and the fearless hunters pulling the wagon, off we went to the parade area. There were many pets entered with lots of barking and meowing and one quiet (possibly dead) goldfish. What an important day! Well, wouldn’t you know, right in front of the judges’ stand, Mr. Puff discovered he could squeeze right through those wire bars and the fearless hunters and their very pregnant mother had to keep catching him and squeeze him back into his jail! The announcer loudly proclaimed, “The dangerous lion is escaping!” Poor Puff was really pooped by the time we got him home, but we made the front page of the local newspaper and won 1st prize: two pairs of roller skates.

In 1968 we had to bring Mr. Puff back to our suburban Chicago Humane Society when I brought home my new baby boy. Poor little Timmy was wheezing and coughing excessively and the doctor said we had to get rid of the cat. I kept Mr. Puff out of the house as long as I could until he jumped down from a tree and onto the back of a little girl scout. Puff had to go!

My husband always said that he knew for sure that Mr. Puff was immediately adopted by MGM studios and became the famous ‘Morris the Cat’ of TV and movies, making mucho bucks, and a really, really rich cat!

It turned out that Baby Tim was allergic to milk and all the wheezing ceased when he was fed soy bean substitute formula. When our sweet baby grew to be a teenager with the typical issues of most sixteen year olds, my husband would say, “should have kept the cat and gotten rid of the kid”. This was our punishment for not keeping Mr. Puff (aka) Morris the Money Making Cat!