Domnic Runs Away
By: Alyce Hoehn

Domnic was a long haired cat.
His coat was black and white.
He slept all day though sometimes played
And often came out at night…..he prowled around at night.

His girl was Deanna, his boy was Rob.
They lived in a big white house.
And all things went along quite well
Until Domnic caught the mouse…..he caught a little mouse.

It was gray and wriggly with a long black tail
And eyes that were beady and bright.
So when he dropped it at Deanna’s feet
It really gave her a fright…..oh how it gave her a fright!

Deanna screamed and said, “BAD CAT!”,
And this made Domnic sad.
She didn’t like his mouse at all
And it was the best mouse he had…..the very best mouse he had.

He felt depressed, unloved, dejected.
He’d leave, the she would worry.
Rob would miss him, Deanna too
They’d be so very sorry…..oh would they be sorry!
He ran away to Finny Cat’s house,
For she had often told him,
That her people were so very nice
They would never, never scold him… nice, they’d never scold him.

He jumped up in the rafters high
When they opened up the garage door,
And here he’d stay, he’d not come down
He’d pout and sulk some more…..just pout and sulk some more.

Though it was dark and Domnic was cold,
And oh so hungry too,
He’d show them all how bad he felt
He’d stay ‘til he turned blue…..poor cat, so cold and blue!

Finny Cat’s man put down some food,
Oh how he longed to be fed,
But then he thought how sad they’d be
When they found him stiff and dead…..poor cat all stiff and dead!

And so he stayed and stayed and stayed.
He slept and time was flying.
He stayed for one day, two, then, three
By now they would all be crying…..they surely would be crying.

But on the fourth day, he couldn’t believe it!
Deanna and Rob strolled by.
Finny Cat’s man called, “Have you missed your cat?
He’s here but he’s hiding up high…..he’s hiding up very high!”

“Oh is Domnic missing?” Deanna asked.
“We didn’t know he was gone.”
So when they came and called to him,
He certainly would not come down…..he just would not come down!

They called to Domnic, “Oh please come down,
We love you and need you at home.”
But he wouldn’t come down, not now or ever,
He’d rather stay all alone…..he’d pout and stay all alone!

At last they left after begging and pleading,
But Domnic stayed on just the same.
He had waited so long, for four whole days
Before they ever came…..they never even came!

He stayed and fretted for three more hours,
But then he began to cry.
His whiskers were frozen, his nose was so cold,
If he stayed he would probably die…..he would surely, surely die!

He thought of Deanna and good ‘ole Rob
And how really sweet they were.
With memories of bed and good warm food,
He began to loudly purr… could really hear him purr!

He’d jump down now, and hurry on home
But he must bring something nice.
A big surprise! What shall it be?
Yes! This time he’d bring them TWO mice…..tow wriggly, long-tailed mice!