Salmonella – Are You or Your Pet at Risk?
Valerie Nikel- Pet Food Warehouse, Shelburne and Burlington, VT

In light of recent pet food recalls, Salmonella is once again raising concerns about pet food and safety.

While many dogs and cats can be carriers of the bacteria (with no or very minor symptoms) there is a slightly higher risk for very old or very young animals, and especially for those with a weakened immune system.

The biggest cause for concern, however, is the transferability of the bacteria to people, if contaminated foods are brought into the home and not handled properly. Because your pet can be exposed to the bacteria and show no signs of illness, it is especially important to follow safe-handling procedures with pet foods, just as you would with people food.

Safe handling includes:
*Washing your hands after handling food, touching your pet and picking up feces.
*Disinfecting food preparation surfaces, dishes, scoops and storage containers.
*Not sharing utensils with your pet.