Patricia Jauch

There are plenty of homeless dogs and cats in need of a new and forever home, but the trick is to unite each animal with a loving owner. Shelters and breed rescue groups can be your best resources in your search efforts for a companion animal. If you are willing to settle for instant love, regardless of appearance, lineage, etc., a shelter can provide you with an adoptable pet. If your desires are more specific, i.e., if you have your heart set on a specific breed, then you may want to check the numerous rescue organizations available.

At times, shelters have purebred cats and dogs that have been surrendered by their owners, because of unrealistic expectations regarding how much energy, finances, and time, being a responsible pet owner takes. Matching your needs with their inventory may take time, but patience can reward you with a companion animal that will suit your preferences. There may be a waiting list for a particular type of animal. Your specific request may not coincide with the animals that are currently available. Many shelters network with others in the vicinity and may be able to locate an animal to fit your description.

When you have made the decision to adopt, contact the shelter or rescue group and pay a visit. Make the effort to see the animals that are in need of a new and forever home. Be willing to adapt your focus based on the pets you see, recognizing that they need a good home, the longer they stay isolated from someone to love, the less enjoyable their lives will be.

Be aware that fees vary, but generally are much lower than the cost from pet stores or breeders. Factored into the fee will be immunizations, specialized veterinary care that the animal may have required, spay/neuter costs, and food and shelter for the time that the animal was in their care.

Somewhere out there is a lovable cat or dog, puppy or kitten, in desperate need of a permanent home that will be the perfect companion animal for you. All it takes is the time and effort to make the connection – and to make it permanent. CARE enough to adopt a pet and provide it with a new and forever home.

Patricia Jauch is devoted to promoting animal welfare in the NEK. She works closely with Caledonia Animal Rescue Inc. in St. Johnsbury, VT www.caledoniaanimalrescue.com/ Pat also writes a regular pet column in the Caledonian Record Newspaper.