Maggie’s Story and the Reason why you never give up! Last Saturday evening a Man named Peter from West Lebanon NH Contacted GSDR. He was concerned about a dog that he had come across in the woods, he was able to snap a few cell phone photos of her but didn’t want to spook her out of the area so he let her go about her business. I asked him to please forward us the photos as we were curious about what dog it could be.

As soon as I received the photos I thought on my I think that is Maggie Missing from VT Since May! I forwarded the photos to a couple of other people who also thought it looked like her. I gave her rescue a call to let them know that it was a great possibility that Maggie was living in the Woods across the CT river in NH.

I Got the Question how can a 11 Year old dog survive these elements? We all know to well these dogs can survive and now how to survive and have a will to survive. Peter Contacted GSDR once again with some awesome trail camera photos of her (He makes his own trail cameras)! These photos 100% confirmed it was Miss Maggie and she was doing very well for herself.

Well this evening GSDR got the news that Liz from White River Animal Rescue was able to get Miss Maggie and she is now safe after being missing for 10 months. We hope that Maggie’s Amazing Journey Gives all our Long Lost dog families hope and they never give up and continue their search for their beloved four-legged family members.

We would like to Thank everyone that created Maggie’s Village especially Peter Abdu for all his help. Without him going out on a hike, and going back to set up food stations and a camera, Maggie would still be out in the woods waiting for someone to find her.

Welcome Home Maggie you are a true Survivor and give a lot of families renewed hope.
Maggie Missing Since 5-22-13 from VT
FOUND SAFE in the Woods of West Lebanon NH on 2-15-14.

2/17/2014 update regarding Maggie’s status –
“Maggie’s family is opting to not take her back so please, please let WRAR know if anyone is interested in having Maggie as an addition to their family! We are not asking an adoption fee.”

No judging please – Maggie’s former family may have realized that they cannot give her the security that is required to keep Maggie safely at home. Or their situation may have changed since May 2013 (ie adopted another dog who would not accept a “sibling”).

Anyone interested in finding out more about Maggie should contact White River Animal Rescue…/White-River…/184709754911873