Dear 4 Legs & a Tail,

Am sending along a recent photo I took and will explain the story behind it.
I am a professional photographer and by any account the photograph itself is not that noteworthy from that view point. However, the story behind it is!
You can clearly see a dog’s silhouette on the surface of the rock! I was on a routine photo outing at the Blow Me Down Grange in Cornish, NH. and came across this sight. I was stunned! I kept looking at it from several angles and saw the same image. It looked exactly like my old friend Gypsy, a beautiful Chesapeake Retriever, who passed away many, many years ago. We still miss her dearly.

Gypsy wasn’t just any dog. We got her after she had her first litter of puppies from a gentleman who raised Chesapeake Bay Retrievers in northern Vermont. She was fully field trained to fetch ducks and her mother appeared on the cover of Vermont Life Magazine.

Gypsy helped us raise our two sons. When they were toddlers and wandered too close to the road, she would grab them gently by the shirt and pull them back into the yard! She was very protective of the entire family. When taking her for a walk, never needed a leash. Just voice commands to heel. When it came to swimming at the Lake she was declared the champion! She would beat all of us to the float and back every time.

I still can not get over the image on that rock! It has to be her!
Anyway, thought this would be of interest to you and your readers. Feel free to use in any manner you wish.


David Nelson