healing-touchFrom Tears to Trauma Release – by Karen McCloud, HTAP, HTP

My childhood dream was to become a Veterinarian, but in the early seventies I was told by my high school advisor, “it is a man’s business!” Being a shy girl at the time…I opted for an Equine Science degree, and followed my passion for horses that has enriched my entire life. Three years ago I began my journey, taking classes to learn about energy medicine for animals, through the organization, Healing Touch for Animals® and its founder Carol Komitor.

Horses are huge heart animals, they are spiritually connected to us and wish to heal our heart, mind and spirit! They guide and teach me something new every time I have an opportunity to give an HTA® session.

This September I was asked to give a HTA® treatment to a young gelding who had just had a traumatic head injury that left the entire right side of his face paralyzed. He was visiting at a new farm for a fun-filled trail ride. Before heading out, he mistakenly stuck his head into a wooden fence and he became lodged. As the gelding pulled and pulled to release himself, his neck dropped into the opening deeper and then the frantic yanking began. If you are a horse person, you have witnessed these freak accidents…your heart is in your throat and all you can do is stand back for safety and hope for the best.

He escaped with only a few rub burns, no blood as you might expect, but the visual damage to his face was like that of a stroke victim. The entire right side of his bottom lip hung down and was swollen and flapping with drool, his eyelid was almost closed and not able to blink, his right ear drooped down and he couldn’t lift it up at all. For the first week and a half he exhibited an eating disability, picking up grain with his left side only to have the mash fall out on his right side.

The owner had the Vet come out to treat him and, indeed, there was nerve damage. The gelding was given medicine to help with any pain and swelling. The Vet administered one IV injection of dexamethasone, three oral doses of dexamethasone and Neo Poly Bac ointment to keep the eye lubricated. This would take many months to repair, if at all. This energy modality, HTA®, supports all of the Veterinarian’s treatment protocols and as an energy practitioner, I set my intentions for relaxation, healing and unconditional love. This enhances the medicine dispensed by the Vet and helps the drug to work efficiently by reducing the pain and anxiety with these precise HTA® techniques.

I started the session by checking the gelding’s chakras, they were all closed down and not open, this was not a surprise. His entire energy field was in front of him, as if his energy had been yanked off his body when he was frantically pulling to free himself from the fence. He appeared to be a bit depressed but could still manage to eat and drink just fine, even though his lips seemed to get in the way as he grazed.

He loved the grounding and quickly began yawning and stretching as well as passing gas. Once this was finished I decided to perform a technique called “Trauma Release,” this allows the animals to embrace the unconditional love during the session and to hold it for themselves during this trying time. This technique puts energetic blinders on the horse so they can release the trauma from its body, mind and spirit and move forward forgetting it ever happened. I was so pleased when I completed this procedure and asked the gelding to “release the trauma,” he did it quickly and loudly by displaying a huge heavy sigh. It was a sigh similar to when someone has been sobbing for a long time, it came from his tail, the Root Chakra, and I could feel it as it came all the way up along his spine and out of his mouth in a great breath. “Whew!” He must have thought, “I am glad to get rid of that!” When I am at the barn and see this gelding he always takes the time to walk over and greet me with a “thank you and much gratitude” and that makes my day!

Healing Touch for Animals® is for anyone with the desire to enhance the well-being of animals through energy medicine. Be a part of the growing number of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, animal trainers, groomers and pet owners, rescue shelter volunteers and animal lovers who are integrating this work into their everyday lives and connection with animals. Stop by the HTA booth at “Everything Equine and Canine” to say hello, learn about this year’s classes, and help us to grow our community of Animal Healers, our pets will thank us! www.healingtouchforanimals.com

September 29th, before HTA session, depressed expression.

September 30th, second HTA treatment, note there is less swelling in the right eye and right ear lifted a bit more.

October 5th, third HTA treatment, his eye is bright and he can blink, less swelling in his muzzle and his ear is standing up and moving at about 80% normal. His feisty attitude is back!