dog-224451_640By, Tim Hoehn

A few days prior to Paws for a Caws Adopt-a-Thon in Barre, we found out that my elderly mother-in-law is in stage 4 with cancer. After her husband of 50+ passed away a couple of years ago, she was very lonely and decided to get a dog (which we encouraged.) However, we were surprised when she told us that she got a Miniature Long-haired Dachshund puppy and asked us to take care of it if anything ever happened to her. No, we didn’t want another dog, but what could we say.

As I’m working the 4 Legs & a Tail booth that Saturday, I had many fans of the magazine stop by with greeting of praise. I asked one couple how they were enjoying the show and the said they came looking for a dog to adopt but didn’t find the right breed. It seems that they had Miniature long-hair Dachshunds and had to put their last one down last year.

I quickly explained the situation with my mother-in-law and asked if they might be interested in adopting hers when the time was right. They expressed some interest, but would need to know more about the dog and its background as they were longtime, responsible owners of the mini’s.

I said I would be in touch and asked her her name. “Sylvia Smedy”, she replied. As you know, Barre is a small town. When I asked if he was related to my mother-in-law, Pauline Smedy, she said she was an aunt and in fact, she had a puppy from her last dogs litter.

Needless to say, they are on the top of the list to adopt my mother-in-laws dog to the delight of everyone. Talk about a small world!