Kenzy’s Korner

Hi, I’m Kenzy! I’m proud to announce that I am the newest staff writer for 4 Legs & a Tail. My job will be to review all new products. I joined 4 Legs & a Tail in 2012, after arriving as a young pup from the deep south – Yes, just a southern girl at heart. I was adopted and made to feel right at home by Tim Goodwin and his wonderful family. Tim, you know, is Co-Publisher of 4 Legs & a Tail, just how famous is that! Luckily I can catch a ride each morning to work with Tim; sure saves tread on my paws. Before my new position I just helped out in any way I could. I was the official greeter, appointment keeper (basically, making sure Tim gets me out for my daily walk on time) and back seat navigator on our many appointments and distribution rides.

Now that I’m more grown up, it’s time for me to start pulling my own weight. Product testing at 4 Leg’s & a Tail is right up my alley! What excites me most is “testing” the huge assortment of foods and treats (of course), “testing” the comfort level of different beds, “Oh Yeah”, and wearing the elegant jewelry “Oops” I mean new fancy collars! Well, last weekends muddy romp in the woods was the perfect challenge for my first assignment – J.R.LIGGETT’S new “Fergie Dog” Shampoo Bar.

Although when Tim first gave me the assignment (shortly before tendering my letter of resignation, which was immediately rejected), the possibilities were over shadowed by the thought of getting laughed at by the cat “ha, ha, ha”, while being in the tub surrounded by a sea of lather. But… I really liked the cute little Jack Russell Terrier that graced the front panel of the new “Fergie Dog” Shampoo Bar, and wondered if some day I too could become a famous “Cover Girl” or even win a Pulitzer Prize for my writing. My head just swirled with the possibilities.

Tim told me that J.R.LIGGETT’S is a local company in Cornish, NH, and that they have been making a line of Old-Fashioned Bar Shampoos for people, for over 30 years, selling hundreds of thousands of bars to people all over the world. That’s a lot of practice! Now they have come out with a special Shampoo Bar just for pets. How cool is that? Tim and I took a road trip to Cornish and visited with many of Fergie’s farm friends who were now using the shampoo, even cats! Hmm… I was told that even horses, after their bath, were “show ready”, Hellooo “Fergie Dog” Shampoo. I was convinced!

“Fergie Dog” Shampoo’s 3.5 oz. bar is quite unique and special in that it is totally non-detergent, no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, DEA, or other known carcinogens are used, these are common place in all liquid shampoos you normally find on a store shelf. “Fergie Dog” really is good for pets! It is made out of saponified vegetable oils so it is gentle and mild even for the most sensitive reviewers like… Moi. I can now bathe more often? “Oops”!

One of the things that I liked when first hearing about the “Fergie Dog” Shampoo Bar, was that it comes in bar form. Tim has given many baths to dogs in his life and he tells me it is hard to hold a dog in the tub, and grab a bottle of shampoo, and squeeze the shampoo into his third hand… Plus, the bottle gets covered with pet hair and is slippery when you need it repeatedly. With the bar he can just grab it, rub it on, and put it down on the side of the tub. He tells me this a much easier way to bathe a dog. Frankly that did not really interest me at all. What did catch my attention though was how sensationally clean, shiny and soft my hair was after the whole ordeal was over, and my skin was, just comfortable. “WOW”!

My buddy Tim, told me the Shampoo was as easy to use as he had hoped. It lathered up well, and rinsed away quickly and thoroughly and left no itchy residue (I really like that part). The Shampoo is also “fragrance free”. I’m still wondering what was wrong with my fragrance before the bath?

After the bath I got my playtime and then a nap by the fire to dry off. As for Tim, he was delighted in using a product that not only gave me a healthy coat, but also didn’t cause hair loss, irritation, or allergic reactions. Plus as a bonus, we were supporting a local company, employing local workers, and a product that is “Made in America”.

Although “Fergie Dog” Shampoo appears to be just for dogs, guess what it also works well for… Cats, Horses, or any other Furry Creatures. This for me, was a high point… That cat that laughed at me was next! “ha, ha, ha”